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Body Transformations by Trina

Body Transformations by Trina was created and launched by me "Trina Claiborne".  The various services offered are inspired by my own journey to optimum health.  Growing up, I was not blessed with a naturally fast metabolism, and not understanding how the body functions and lack of nutrition knowledge resulted in yo-yo dieting.  As this battle of the bulge continued over the years, I found myself increasing my knowledge on fat loss subjects like:  how the body digests macronutrients (fats, carbohydrates, & protein), the adaptation to training the body under goes given different types of exercises (aerobic [running, swimming, tennis, cycling] vs. anaerobic [power lifting, resistance training), portion size during meal time, the type of foods to consume during a particular time of day, the creation of recipes or food choices that promote increase metabolism & fat loss, and most of all, habits that can easily be incorporated into anyone's life to maintain a more healthy lifesytle.

In spite of all the knowledge I poured into my head, I came to realize that there is another battle to be conquered; and that is emotional induced eating (aka "emotional eating").  In spite of all this "head" knowledge I obtained to keep my weight in tack, I found out that one has the ability to let emotional situations dictate what goes into the mouth regardless of your healthy lifestyle knowledge.  Yes I bowed down to that testy little mental demon, but one day I said enough is enough.  As a matter of fact, I captured that day on my before picture you see below.  That photo was taken after about a 30 minutes aerobic workout and I wanted to capture it on film in the state I was in; because unexplainably something inside of me knew that I would NEVER allow myself to be back in that place again.  The story before the workout is what really led to the photo itself.

You see in the photo I was 167 pounds at 5"1' as a result of a business merger where I lost all income and I started eating myself through the pain.  Three years prior to that lovely photo, I had left corporate America in pursuit of a "fitness modeling" career weighing 125 pounds and rocking a six pack abs.  Needless to say, things didn't work out the way I planned.  So there I was in 2007 dressed in my "workout" gear attempting to workout at the same level and same exercise routines before I allowed my situation to adjust my mind and physical state.  As a result, I couldn't do 10 push-ups; whereas, before I could pop out about 25 push-ups without exhaustion, three minutes of cardio followed by another set of 25 push-ups.  You get the picture, well on that day in 2007, my mental state and physical body was changed.  I entered a world of self-pity and cried for at least 2 hours.  After my bawling session, I had an epiphany that I had had-enough.  I went ahead and completed about 30 minutes aerobic workout.  Afterwards, I grabbed my camera, put on some lite-brown lip gloss and had a kodak moment.  I'm not really sure why I put on the lip gloss, but I think it may have been in hopes it would distract one from my mid-section that made me look like the 1st lady of the Pillsbury Dough boy.  In about 90 days I lost a little over 35 pounds and keep my weight at 130 until the beginning of 2012

Fast forwarding to 2012, the after photo was taken July 18th testing make-up and hair for the 2012 Southern Open Supernatural Bodybuilding and Fitness (SNBF) in the Bikini Class.  I was 115 pounds, but the day of the show I was 112 pounds due to a carb-down program introduced to me by an ex-marine and former bodybuilder competitor out of Clearwater Florida.  When I'm not training for a show I keep my weight around 120 to 125 pounds.

This is my truth, "there are many things in life we have 100% no control over, but your body is not one of them".  Body transformation is possible when you have the right mind-set and tools to make it happen.  I got the tools and if you have the mind-set, we can make it happen!  I'm capable of working with anyone ready to make a change regardless of your current fitness level.  Your mind-set is the only thing capable of preventing me from helping you.

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