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Breathe Your Presence - Julie True
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Published Author, Motivational Teacher, Healthy Lifestyle Coach, Personal Trainer and Figure Competitor

2017 1st Annual SPARKLE Women Conference -

Healthy Lifestyle Coaching Special Offer

70% Discount EXPIRES September 2, 2017

Trina's Healthy Lifestyle Coaching System is designed to  REVEAL  elements uniquely causing your weight gain or fat loss plateaus AND designed to:

  • Remove excessive body fat PERMANENTLY

  • Stop sweet cravings PERMANENTLY

  • Stop Yo-Yo dieting PERMANENTLY

  • Expose how your body uniquely respond to nutrients to discover your fat loss dietary set-point and weight management set-point

  • Create a system tailored to your fitness goals & personal life challenges….and most of all

  • NEVER count calories again…..EVER!


  • After the initial consultation, the coaching sessions are twelve (12) weeks with eight (8) mandatory sessions; meeting once per week the first 3 weeks and then every two weeks plus the 12th week.

  • The coaching sessions are conducted in two (2) phases:

    • Mechanics phase involves evaluation of results achieved during the prior week(s) & developing correction solutions unique to any negative results.

    • Emotional/Spiritual phase involves the examination of the spiritual element driving sabotaging decisions to develop a spiritual solution for permanent reversal.   


  • Enrollment is based on four Lifestyle Complexities:

    • Freedom – Single individual without children or pets.

    • Limited Freedom – Single parents or Single person w/pets.

    • Ball & Chain – Married couples or domestic partners without children or pets.

    • Ball & Chain and a Few Ropes - Married couples or domestic partners with

               children and /or pets.


                                           SPECIAL 70% DISCOUNT OFFER

                                                EXPIRES September 2, 2017

Special Offer Discount:

  • Levels 1 and 2

    • TOTAL COST $285​

  • Levels 3 and 4

    • TOTAL COST $400​

Regular Priced Packages:

  • Levels 1 and 2

    • TOTAL COST $950​

  • Levels 3 and 4

    • TOTAL COST $1350​

Bonus:  Complimentary Smart Scale for the 1st 20 Enrollments

1st Annual SPARKLE Women's Conference

Back ground soaking music by Julie True

The smart scale will not only track your weight, but include muscle mass, fat loss, bone mass and water percentages.

Special Book Price Offering


The Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles


is an interactive course designed to reveal all internal and external factors driving your decisions that lead to continuous weight loss struggles. 


As you discover your unique factors, this course will help guide you in re-mapping your life to implement the Kingdom of God Permanent Weight Loss Principles for permanent weight loss success.  The companion to this course is the workbook entitled "Operation:  Life Re-Map for Divine Health.

Guide Book & Wookbook Set $25 +s/h

Paper Back  @ $8 + s/h

How I Lost 40 Pounds In 90 Days While Traveling

is a fool proof blue print to overcome weight loss challenges when traveling has been a major sabotaging factor in your weight loss efforts.  Although losing weight have its own challenges; traveling present additional unique challenges for international business owners, actors, evangelists, trucker, real estate agents and other outside sales agents. 


This book not only reveal those challenges, but also reveals all the tricks, secrets, and resources developed and established by healthy lifestyle coach aka “The Excuse Buster” Trina Claiborne; which helped her overcome those challenges while traveling domestically.  The tricks, secrets, and resources she reveals within this book can be incorporated with any weight loss program.  

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